Five Awesome Reasons for Start-Ups to Select Serviced Offices

Serviced Offices have emerged as an ideal option for start-ups and emerging business looking for short-term commitments at affordable prices.

The concept of a serviced office, also known as managed office, where companies of different sizes work together under one floor or building, has been around for many years. In India, particularly in the IT hub of Bangalore, the concept has gained momentum particularly in the last decade. As per reports, the serviced and virtual office sector in India is set to increase by up to 25% every year.


So, why serviced offices in Bangalore and other cities in India have become an ideal option for start-ups? Read on to find five awesome reasons for selecting serviced offices for your business:

Zero Responsibility: Say you have come up with a great business strategy and have tapped the right manpower to make your plan come true. However, despite the great vision, you feel that there is something lacking – and you are right. Without an office space and the right amenities, you’ll feel that you are unable to address your business needs effectively.

That’s when you will find the option of a serviced office like Bangalore Coworking Hub sound appealing. At our office space, we provide start-ups with all the basic facilities like security, maintenance services, internet and power back-up. This frees you from all worries and allows you to focus on your business in peace.

Cost Effective Solutions: Due to rocketing real estate prices in the commercial sector, it becomes difficult for most start-ups and emerging businesses to invest on a physical location for their business. With a serviced office, you can save money instead of leasing a conventional office space and furnishing it yourself. You mostly pay on a per-seat basis and all other administrative and infrastructural amenities are taken care of by the facility provider.

Flexibility Options: Such managed offices also provide the added flexibility of upgrading or downsizing your team according to your needs. When leasing a conventional office space, you cannot just give up your business and move whenever you want. Serviced offices for start-ups, like Bangalore Coworking Hub, help you to enjoy such flexibility at reasonable rates.

Company Image: You may feel that operating from home can cut down your business liabilities and expenses. However, without a physical location in a commercial center, you won’t be able to upgrade your company image and will, in fact, do more harm than benefit to your business.

Signage Display: Certain business centers even allow customers to display their own company signage at the reception. This way you’ll also be able to present to your clients that it’s your own office.

So, take advantage of such a flexible working set-up and accelerate your company’s growth while keeping the overheads low.

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