Shared offices are the best alternatives to traditional office spaces, but some people may argue that home offices are a better option. Although home offices do have their share of advantages, shared offices tend to be a more practical and sustainable approach. Home offices do help in lowering transport costs and other liabilities. But what happens when your kids don’t respect your working space or you constantly have guests over during office timings?


Such disruptions can result in low productivity and concentration. This is when you require a flexible shared office environment like Bangalore Coworking Hub. Our coworking office space helps start-ups, independent consultants and emerging businesses to increase their productivity and business efficiency while lowering their business costs. Though home offices seem very tempting at first, you eventually realize that your home and work life must be kept on two separate pedestals.

Shared offices have various attractive benefits that will surely make your work life more comfortable and focused. To give you a clearer picture here are a few reasons why working at home can be a menace:

  • Interruptions – When you are in your house working, there are bound to be constant distractions like unexpected guests or screaming kids. This can make you lose focus and time.
  • Loneliness – You will be working alone without any social interactions about the work. Doing this can cause loneliness and result to low productivity.
  • Lack of amenities – At home you will not have much storage space, conference rooms and any such facilities. This can cause you to limit your growth and inconvenience your company.

Shared offices offer you a lot more benefits than home offices. They will boost up your confidence with the surrounding and help you focus more on your work. Check out these benefits to be convinced on this statement:

  1. Networking – When you are surrounded with colleagues of different professions, you can form a big network. Shared offices have people working from all sectors so you will be able to make more contacts, which can come in use for your future. In business, creating a network is very necessary if you want to put your company right out in to the market. You may just find your next client or investor sitting next you.
  1. Group Solving – If you are stuck on a business problem, you can speak to a diverse number of people from your shared office space about it. This offers you the opportunity to informally collaborate on business issues. You even run your ideas by them to get honest criticisms about it so that you can modify it for the best. This would definitely not be possible in your home office.
  1. Amenities – Shared offices offer you professional meeting spaces such as conference halls. Instead of setting up a clean background at home while video conferencing, you can sit face to face in a professional environment and discuss with clients. You may also end up meeting professional clients at your office.
  1. Environment – With shared offices you will have the best working environment with minimal distractions. You can isolate yourself during work and get the opportunity to collaborate with different business owners. It will be a big relief for you considering the constant distractions at home.
  1. Opportunities – A shared office space can spring opportunities at you at any time. For instance you might be offered a bigger job than your current one from the other business at your office. You will always have the chance of encountering huge and beneficial opportunities that will give your career a boost.

So instead of locking yourself up in a closed environment and working you should consider an open and professional shared office space like Bangalore Coworking Hub for your business operations. The wide array of benefits will make your shared office experience worth all the trouble!

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