Need cost-effective office space for my start-up company.  Looking for low-budget office space for my business. How often we have come across such queries on the search engines. It is for this reason that I have decided to discuss in-depth about the issue and at the same time, provide viable solutions for execution.

Indeed, in today’s world of cutthroat competition in the corporate and market sector, a professional office space plays a major role in building and enhancing your business credibility. A great physical location is not only important for your company’s reputation but also plays a major role in creating business opportunities and improving your search engine rankings. For corporate growth and success, you can no longer expect to conduct your business operations from your spare bedroom or by converting your basement into an office set-up.


However, as much as you require a professional work space for your company, setting up your office involves significant amount of investment. In addition to increasing the cost to the company, establishing an office also increases your liabilities thereby adversely affecting your business budgeting plans.

Is Long-Term Commercial Space Leasing an Option?

So, you have decided not to buy a commercial space for your business process and thinking about long-term leasing options. This has a downside as well as mostly all commercial spaces are quite expensive and people often end up paying more in the long run.

Moreover, you will also have to bear the additional expenses of setting up the office itself, including the furniture, phone, servers – not to mention the frequent maintenance charges involved like fixing a broken chair, pantry services, cleaning services, security services and son on.

How About Working from Cafes or local Internet Centres?

It’s true that they are cheap, they are convenient and you don’t have to enter into long-term lease agreement for working from such local internet centres and cafes. Still, such work spaces do not provide the professional work ambience required for your company. Additionally, you will not also be able to host any client meetings, company discussions or use the address of the facilities for any kind of mail handling.

Coworking is the Answer!

A perfect solution for all start-ups, freelancers, new entrepreneurs and growing businesses is using the services of a plug-and-play office or shared office with other coworkers.

Just like the local cafes, you don’t need to sign any long-term lease and thereby you don’t have any liabilities affecting your business. An added advantage is that such coworking spaces offer a complete professional look for your business with meeting facilities, conference rooms, office furniture, pantry and such other facilities. By paying just on a monthly basis, you will be able to avail all the facilities required for taking your career or business to the next level.

At Bangalore Coworking Hub, we offer different coworking plans including monthly day plans, night membership plans, part-time membership plans, day pass and even virtual membership plans to cater to the specific requirement of different companies at very low rates. By paying just basic charges, you will be able to avail all the office services like internet facilities, power back-up, pantry facilities and more that are required for the growth and expansion of your company.

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