It’s here and it will soon alter the mode of operation of the corporate foundation with its innovative splash of functionality. Before you start wondering what we are referring to, let’s make it clearer by exchanging the word ‘it’ with corporate co-working. The world is undoubtedly headed to an emerging cultural evolution today within the corporate world. Employing the co-working model in a corporate environment will completely revamp and re-structure the manner in which traditional offices function today.


First let’s establish the distinguishing factor between traditional co-working and corporate co-working. Traditional co-working is when a bunch of start-ups come under one roof to support their launch in to the markets. The new model of corporate co-working is distinctively different since employees of major established corporations work beside start-ups or other freelancers. Here the objective is not only to save costs but to reap added benefits. So what are these added benefits? Take a look below:

Benefit #1

The environment of a workplace is essentially important because this is exactly what inspires employees to come up with new and progressive ideas. Many companies open up a clubhouse or a recreational area for their employees to relax and boost their productivity. In corporate co-working environments, this feature becomes available automatically. Your company employees will be surrounded by others from start-ups and established organizations, making it a supportive community for all. In such situations, employees mingle with people of different sectors and gain inspiration or ideas through them. According to the global co-working survey carried out by Deskmag, 71% of people reported a boost in creativity since joining a co-working space and 62% reported that their standard of work had improved. These statistics are more than enough to substantiate the fact that co-working spaces inspire innovation.

Benefit #2

A lesser known fact is that even the revolutionary physicist Albert Einstein, would share his ideas with his friends and colleagues to get their perspective of it. The first instinct you have when you believe you have come up with the ultimate idea, is to run it by someone you know. Co-working environments provide you with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds who can give you fresh perspectives on your ideas. The fundamental benefit here is that you get to test your ideas before making it a reality. A subtle explanation of your idea to the other people is enough to get many reactions about it. Then you can remodel your ideas according to those pointers. Around 90% of co-workers have reported an increase in their self-confidence (Deskmag survey) because of such environments.

Benefit #3

When you have a pool of diverse people from different sectors and areas of expertise, you can fish out some great talent for your company. Your employees can assess and figure out the best of the lot so that you can use this opportunity to employ them. There can be no better way to recruit people than having first-hand experience of their talents. Consider the fact that you wouldn’t have to interview a large number of people or take the trouble of scouting through online resumes for this. Your options will be readily available to you in the co-working space.

These three unique benefits are just the underlying profitable benefits of the co-working space. There are numerous advantages which add to the satisfaction of working in such an environment. Take a look at a few pointers below:

  • Increased Learning
  • Energized employees
  • Increased retention
  • Adopting best practices
  • Investing opportunities
  • Partnership opportunities
  • Diverse and powerful interactions

Remember those university days when you had friends from every stream of study, with different backgrounds and fresh perspectives on everything? Well it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to compare a co-working space with your university. As you meet different people on a daily basis your idea of fun, knowledge, learning, ideas and leadership increase exponentially. Though a corporate environment is particularly formal, you still have all these amazing benefits to profit from. So join this revolutionary corporate culture and flourish with its constructive philosophies.

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