hjgCo-working spaces are gaining a lot of buzz these days.With more and more people entering into startup fields they require a cost effective place to set up their offices. Hence co working spaces comes into the being. These shared spaces are having 24*7 accessibility of electricity,water,food alongwith facilities like IT support, courier,printing, meeting rooms etc.

As lot of startups have clients in countries that are having different time zones often they have to continue their operations during the night time which is the most authentic  reason for people to use co working spaces at the odd hours of the day.Following are the list of reasons why people tend to choose these places during night.


  1. Working atmosphere is great: It has been observed that during the night time it becomes easy to enhance the productivity of work. As there is less chaos both outside and inside the office, the environment of the place is good for people who want to concentrate on work. The reasoning and thinking power gets doubled.
  1. Less Costing: During the initial stages of business there is a limited structure and budget for each venture. Therefore it is necessary to check on costing on each and every thing. The prices during the night hours are comparatively less than the prices during day time. At times some of the co working places offer discounts for night shifts at various occasions.
  1. Easy accessibility to resources: During the night time it becomes easy to avail the resources like meeting rooms and conference halls due to less people in the co working places. Also photo copy machines and printers too are not crowded making your work easy.

Even the net accessibility too has good speed during night time as less people are consuming the network.

  1. Strong Social Network:As less people are there in office during night shifts, chances of strong bond among the coworkers are feasible. This in a way gives birth to innovative ideas and business partnerships. Likeminded people are able to interact more when there is less chaos.

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