Unless you have been living inside a box, you should definitely have an idea of the new global movement progressing in the corporate world: Co-working. Working from home or coffee shops can become a nuisance due to the abundant distractions all around, but working from a community office space can do wonders for your company. Co-working is that emerging phenomena, which provides an environment which is as flexible and diverse as a community.


Traditional offices have become a passé since the upcoming businesses prefer a more contemporary and wise approach to working. The difference between a traditional office and a coworking space like the Bangalore Coworking Hub is that the latter provides an extra push for you to be more productive. Our collaborative work community and shared office platform provides a range of amenities and benefits that can help to leverage your career to the next level. Let’s break it down for you so that you can see the larger picture:

  1. You will be able to build and expand your professional network. Just have a look around, the woman with glasses right beside you can be your next business client.
  1. When you are surrounded by creativity, it is bound to hook itself on to you. Watching creative people working around you will boost your necessity to come up with much more creative work.
  1. Rather than sitting at home and running by an idea across yourself, you will be delighted to present them to your fellow co-workers and gain fresh perspectives on them.
  1. Your productivity levels will hit the roof in such an environment rather than working in a rigid and monotonous traditional office space.
  1. Have you hit the roadblock in constructing an innovative design for your website? Don’t worry there may be many designers and writers working around you who will surely help you out!
  1. Has the workload been bogging you down lately? No worries, just head over to the lounge area for a chat with other people from other companies. This not only relaxes your mind but can also act as an energy booster.
  1. Having keen observational and listening skills can take you a long way. You don’t know when you may see or hear something inspirational which will give you the best ideas for your work. This is the benefit of mingling with people from different sectors, cultures and backgrounds.
  1. Does one of your co-workers define the perfect intelligent individual with amazing ideas? Then you can recommend him to the HR department for that competitive job offer they have been looking to put out. You may just increase your chances of a promotion or appreciation at the company.
  1. Sharing an office with colleagues of different potentials and companies, will help you widen your knowledge base. A wider knowledge base means greater ideas and a boost in confidence regarding your work.
  1. Last but not the least, in house promoting will draw in some attention and keep your boss smiling throughout. You can spread the word about your company and market it to a diverse audience.


Today many companies try to make their office a better surrounding for their employees because they know how much it impacts the performance.  Instead of investing in redecorating your current office space, consider a collaborative and networking shared office platform like the Bangalore Coworking Hub for your business.

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